Digital Health Department


Environmental Health and Safety represents a increasingly complex market, driven by a more safety conscious public, increasing demands for consumer protection, and a need to manage these critical processes cost effectively. DHD provides a flexible, integrated, solution that enables and supports efficient and responsive business processes underlying government inspections.

Built with a deep relational database, Digital Health is the only SAAS based, hosted, web based and mobile solution for the inspection of any public services requiring a permit. DHD has streamlined the data entry process, reduced the need for physical documents, and embedded control features like electronic signature, facilitating the approval process and transmission of inspection findings.

Though DHD serves customers of all sizes, DHD is scalable and affordable. You can configure the application to the scope of your needs, using only those DHD's modular "inspection area" components that are relevant to your community.

Cumulatively, the inspection results support customer oriented data manipulation and analysis, allowing the responsible agencies to evaluate and improve their processes for the future.