Benefits of DHD

100% Web Based

Access your system from any web browser and internet connection and have your data and tools available where you need it, when you need it.

Security and Backups

DHD is hosted in a top tier datacenter that utilizes the latest physical and internet security, state-of-the art hardware, and high bandwidth access.

Hosted solution

With a hosted solution, no more servers or server upgrades will be needed to be performed by the IT team. We host everything for you. This provides the added benefits of providing all the latest infrastructure quickly, efficiently, and at no cost to you.

Real-Time Data

With DHD, you can always have the most recent data available, whether you're in the office or in the field.

Features our Clients Love

No Double Entry

With a robust relational database, you can avoid double entry of the same data. You can add multiple permits to a single facility or add one owner and associate the owner to multiple facilities or permits. You no longer have to enter the same data for each specific instance.

No More Crossing Out

Electronic data entry allows you to quickly edit any inspection comment or other information, eliminating errors like spelling mistakes and keeping your records up-to-date.

Go Green

Email copies of inspection reports directly to the facility without having to print. This helps save your department cost on paper and helps to save the environment.


Attach any image or document to a facility record. With a camera enabled device, you can even attach a picture instantly (live system only).

Mobile Support

Enjoy the benefits of mobile devices with a web browser based system. As long as you have an internet enabled device and a connection, you can connect directly to the DHD system via the web browser from any mobile device.


No more having to receive faxed signatures from a recipient. With DHD, you can capture signatures in the office or directly on site while an inspection is being performed.

Offline Field Client

Are you in remote areas where an internet connection is scarce? Well we got you covered. The DHD system has a robust offline solution. Sync the data in the morning and go about your day. Then when you do have a internet connection at a coffee shop or at home, just sync the data. It's that easy.


Document floor plans or septic layouts with our drawing tool when you are onsite. These can even be printed to a form if you need to print or email the drawing to the recipient.

Public Site

As you take inspections, have them instantly available for the public to view. This keeps your consumers up-to-date on the latest health code violations for each facility.

Public Portal

With custom portals built for your needs, you can increase productivity by having facilities submit applications, inspection corrections, and other documentation your department needs. Have inspectors review and approve any information received and respond back to the consumer without having to call, fax or drive back on site for a piece of documentation.