DHD SAAS Platform


The DHD SAAS platform drives productivity. It optimizes the inspection process by consolidating schedules, permits, and invoicing, reducing paperwork, and generating reports to digitize and streamline all facets of operation and record keeping, and support future policy and planning decisions.

DHD understands the functionality required to create a solution that encompasses the best practices of all of the requisite processes for government inspections.


Employee scheduler/manager

Automatically schedules inspections/visits based on risk criteria assigned to facilities or routine schedules.

Manages multi-district personnel.

Setup different permissions for tool access and tool controls for different staffing needs.

Establishment/Facility manager

All Facilities are managed from a parcel allowing multiple facilities to be associated to a single parcel.

Manages contacts associated with facility on-site or off-site.

Track change of ownerships.

View and access all permits associated to a facility.

Permits Manager

Track and issue multiple permits from a facility.

Track all invoices related to permits.

Bulk License capability.

Inspection manager

Checklist and violation library configured for your department.

Capture signatures in the field.

Pre-defined comments that admin users can change.

Easy and efficient navigation through checklists.

Automatically scheduling of inspections based on inspection results.

Invoice Manager

Bulk invoice capability.

Keep track of all outstanding invoice amounts linked to permits across all programs.

Option for 3rd party interface with programs like SAP.

Option for credit card processing.

Communication Manager

Send email or fax with inspection reports, permits, invoices directly from DHD.

Send blast email notifications directly from DHD.

Create group email addresses for internal or external communications.

Complaint manager

Assign and notify complaints to inspectors in the field so they can download info without having to travel back to the office.

Integrated with establishment manager and employee scheduler.

Option to allow public to submit complaints through a website.


Utilize pre-defined reports to generate meaningful information from your data.

We can create additional reports to meet your needs.